Experts in Brazilian & Hollywood Hot Waxing and hair removal. Eyebrow, Facial & Body Waxing

Waxing is a fast and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from the body and face. For 24 hours before or after any waxing treatment it is advisable not to have any form of heat treatment such as, hot showers, baths, sun-bed, sauna, sunbathing or to exercise, swim, or undergo any tanning or other body treatments. For best results hair should be at least 5mm long prior to waxing, any medications or skin sensitivities should be discussed prior to treatment to ensure suitability.

Female Intimate Waxing and hair removal
Professionally trained by leading expert on female intimate waxing, treatments are carried out using superior quality hot wax for excellent results and increased comfort.
Please don’t feel embarrassed, just leave your modesty at the door! Feel fantastic and hair free.

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£13   Eyebrows
£9   Upper Lip or Chin
£15   Sides of Face
£10  Underarm
£14   Forearm/Upper Arm
£18   Full Arm
£7   Toes/Knuckles
£10   Stomach
£15   Upper Leg
£23   Upper Leg and Bikini
£22   Half Leg
£26   Three Quarter Leg
£29   Full Leg
£34   Full Leg/Basic Bikini
£39   Full Leg/Extended Bikini
£12   Basic Bikini
£17   Extended Bikini
£15   Buttocks
£38   Brazilian
£38   Hollywood

For men
£13   Eyebrows
£10   Nostrils
£10   Ears
£15   Nostrils and Ears
£30   Back Wax
£15   Shoulder Wax
£35   Back and Shoulder
£30   Chest Wax
£50   Back and Chest
£55   Back, Chest and Shoulder