Electrolysis FAQ

What is Electrolysis and how does it work?
Electrolysis, known to many as the only original method of hair removal, permanently removes unwanted hair safely and effectively. This is an excellent treatment for areas such as the upper lip, chin and nipples where hair may have previously been tweezed.

Electrolysis is the only proven method of hair removal offering a safe, effective, gradual removal of  unwanted hair.  Diathermy epilation is used for the permanent removal of unwanted hair using a short-wave diathermy current.  A fine flexible probe is inserted into the hair follicle, once in place the current is activated for a second or two which creates heat which is delivered to the root of the hair, drying up moisture and living cells this cauterises the blood supply enabling the hair to be effectively removed.  Between treatments some of the hairs will regrow however after a number of treatments they will be visibly weaker and finer until they ultimately disappear completely.

Why do I need a consultation?
Consultations are offered free of charge and without obligation to have a treatment.  The consultation forms the basis of assessing if there any are medical reasons for a treatment not to take place, to understand the clients needs and concerns and gives the client the opportunity to ask any questions regarding treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
Each client’s unwanted hair has a different density and hair growth pattern so it is always difficult to give an exact guide, however regular appointments will be required over a period of at least a year if not longer, however the hair will be visibly reducing and changing in texture throughout the treatments.  Electrolysis is a repetitive treatment to permanently remove the hair growth cycle.

What does electrolysis feel like?
The treatment is not generally painful although some areas may be more uncomfortable than others with an occasional feeling of heat in the area for a short time, however each appointment is tailored to the clients needs.

Are there side effects?
It is common to see some redness and swelling after electrolysis, occasionally pinprick scabs can occur which will drop off naturally this can be due to distorted or ingrown hair.

What happens between treatments?
Hair can still be removed between treatments by cutting or shaving, provided there is sufficient hair to be removed by the time your appointment comes around and the hair can be picked up by a pair of tweezers.  Actual tweezing or waxing should be avoided between treatments.

Is it hygienic?
Superior quality Ballet insulated needles are used to ensure maximum client comfort.  Each Ballet needle comes in its own sterile strip, these disposable needles are used for each client, for each treatment and are opened in front of the client prior to treatment. The therapist wears disposable gloves for each treatment.