Cosmetic Blemish Treatment

Advanced Electrolysis techniques are used to successfully treat a variety of vascular and fibrous blemishes such as facial red veins (common around the nose and cheek area), skin tags, milia, seborroeic warts, minor skin blemishes, hairs from moles (GP approval).

Clients are advised not to have any form of heat treatment immediately before, or for 24 hours following treatment, e.g. sauna, sun beds, hot baths, body treatments or swimming and to avoid wearing any make-up over the area for 48 hours. The area treated needs to be kept dry for five days after treatment in order for the scabs to form and skin to heal properly after treatment.

Thread or Red Veins (Telangiectasia). Often thought of as broken capillaries, they are in fact small permanently dilated capillaries which lie in the upper dermis and are usually dull to bright red, they are normally linear but can be dot like markings. There are numerous causes for Telangiectasia such as skin fragility, temperature extremes, harsh weather exposure through to ageing, hereditary and genetic causes.

Spider Naevi or Telangiectasia Angioma is a central dilated blood vessel, with smaller capillaries radiating from it like the legs of a spider, they often appear on the cheeks.

Vascular blemishes e.g. Campbell de Morgan’s, known as Cherry Angioma (Plural angiomata) these little blood spots are basically a vascular blemish where it is not possible to distinguish individual capillaries, they are dome shaped or raised and are very common on the torso, midriff back or front, most people over 30 have at least one.

Skin tags or papillomas are an overgrowth of skin cells, they are often slightly coloured making them more obvious, and are often found around the neckline, under the breast on women, on the abdomen and are also common around the eye area or on areas where there is friction. The tags appear as a loose area of excess skin with a stalk attached and vary in size, once treated the skin tag shrivels up and eventually falls away.

Milia are tiny hard white pearls of keratin which lie just under the surface of the skin commonly found near the cheek and eye area. Their exact cause is unknown although they are often related to a high cholesterol diet, excessive Vitamin C and rich moisturizing creams. Some may be more prone to them and a few treatments may be required.

Warts – Plane, Common, Seborrhoeic Keratosis benign epidermal tumours or epidermal proliferation of viral origin which are contagious (human papilloma virus) all can be treated.

Xanthoma (Xanthelasma Palpebra) are deposits of fatty material that appear just under the surface of the eyelids may resemble a rice crispie in appearance, they are very common although the cause of them is unknown, may be linked to higher levels of cholesterol.

Removal of hairs from moles. Once treatment has started it is normal for the mole to reduce in size and colour.  Hairs in moles are deep terminal hairs generally with a very rich blood supply and nerve supply to them.  The area will require a number of treatments to clear completely.  (A GP’s written approval is required prior to treatment taking place).


£49 for up to 15 minutes
£79 for up to 30 minutes